PAAS Leader Hardik Jumps in…Addresses Rally In MP

PAAS Leader Hardik Jumps in…Addresses Rally In MP

Hardik Patel said that in Madhya Pradesh the competition is not among the opposite parties but between the people of MP and the ruling party. While talking to the media he said that the CM is addressed as uncle (mama) in MP but the people don’t want a Shakuni Mama. He added that the people want such a person who can think and work for the development of people. Patel is the leader of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti.

He asserted that attempts are made so that he can’t visit MP but he will keep visiting there for the people. Hardik Patel had tried to visit the state last year to talk to the family members of the farmers who got killed by the police in Mandsaur when they started firing but he was confined and so he could not go to the village.

He further declared that the party opposes BJP and will be in the support of anyone who is interested in their development.

While talking to the media he mentioned the withering conditions of farmers, Vyapam scam and he added that even though Supreme Court has ordered to give 27% reservation it is not implemented in the state. He also expressed concerns about the rising scenario of unemployment and talked about the PNB scam.

Patel slammed the government for shooting the farmers in Mandsaur. He attacked the government with the malnutrition of children and illegal activities of mining in the state. He said that once he declared about his visit to the state Anandiben Patel was made the Governor of the state and a Patidar was elected for the cabinet.

Hardik Patel carried on with the Samajik Chetna rally after talking to the media. There was a huge cooperation from SC, ST and OBC castes in this rally.

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