New Smart Lens For Diabetics Can Keep An Eye On Sugar Levels In Blood

New Smart Lens For Diabetics Can Keep An Eye On Sugar Levels In Blood

Researchers have designed an elegant contact lens that can keep an eye on sugar levels in the blood in patients with diabetes from tears in the eye. This spells an end for aching pricks of needle. For diabetics, controlling and monitoring sugar levels of blood are very important since having high glucose levels in the blood for prolonged periods of time can result in a series of diabetes complications.

An enzyme supported finger-pricking approach is the most usually employed tech in diabetic evaluation. On the other hand, such method has been claimed to lower conformity amongst diabetic patients. Designed by scientists from UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology), the smart lens has in-built transparent and pliable electronics that can keep an eye on glucose levels from tears present in the eye.

Even though the gadget has not been yet examined on humans, scientists hope it will provide diabetics a pain-free method to calculate their levels of glucose with the blink of an eye. In the past various decades, many efforts have been made to observe glucose levels with elegant contact lenses in tears, but they are frequently not employed owing to pitiable wearability.

To solve discomfort issues of contact lens, the team headed by Jang-Ung Park from UNIST has revealed a new elegant contact lens that employs electrodes created of highly transparent and stretchable materials. The flexible and clear lens also has a sensor for glucose that conveys electrical signals to an LED.

With the help of the sensor, users can transmit their health data using the integrated wireless antenna of the lens in real-time. In the survey, the research group has productively examined their product lens through non-invasive on a live rabbit in-vivo testing. The rabbit displayed no signs of irregular behavior at the time of repeated eye blinks and the LED pixel switched off when glucose-concentrated tear fluids was over it.

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