Ford Buys Historic Detroit Train Depot To House Advanced Technology Groups

Michigan Central Station stood high as a symbol of Detroit’s turn down. Thanks to Ford, it could represent the comeback of Detroit.

Today, at a press conference for the Detroit icon announced about Ford’s bid to buy a train depot was accepted and that the agreement was inked. The grand building will be center to Ford’s initiative to transform Corktown District Detroit into a campus for automotive groups.

“The agreement is concluded,” said Matthew Moroun, whose family owned the station since 1995, during today’s event. “The future of the depot is guaranteed, the next administrator of the building is entitled to the future and the depot will be a shining symbol of Detroit’s growth and accomplishment.

This deal was Detroit’s worst secrets. It has been known for several months. It will bring life to the isolated area of Corktown, which, however, next to the city’s thriving center feels much love for a rebirth of Detroit. Amtrak used the station for the last time in 1988 and has since changed ownership several times.

This deal has the potential to change Detroit. The core at the center is already witnessing a recovery in culture and business, but the nearby areas had to go through trouble keeping up. Corktown has plenty of space for new homes and businesses, and the development of Michigan Central Station will give the neighborhood the attention and capital it needs to grow.

This would be a second latest investment in the Corktown District of Detroit by Ford. Earlier this year, Ford publicized that it would deploy its 200 employees at the Factory, which is a building located less than a half a mile from Michigan Central Station.

The refurbished train station can accommodate 1,000 Ford employees. Ford currently houses most of its staff at facilities around Detroit, in the suburb of Dearborn.

The automaker has also initiated manufacturing of F-Series pickup trucks at its two factories that were shut due to fire outbreak at supplier facility.

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