Antarctica Recorded 29 Earthquakes In 2009 Only, What’s More Beneath

For the first time ever the researchers have reported the earthquake in Antarctica was in 1982, and surely it was not the last, as we all were thinking yet.

After decades, scientists have spotted 8 more catastrophic events in the Easter region of Antarctica. This was the mind-boggling incidents that they found that sensors have sensed 29 earthquakes and all alone in 2009, which was thrice the total number of earthquake noted in a just single year.

But the incidence of events went unnoticed is not because of any divine power or anything like that, it was merely a scientific ignorance. Amanda Lough, a seismologist, Drexel University, explained, “The lack of recorded events of an earthquake is not because less number of seismic events, but it is due to lack of instruments to record the events.”

Lough added, it wasn’t the silence of the continent which has no record of catastrophic events that we were considering, in reality, it was just lack of instruments and lack of data to show or proof these kinds of incidences happening beneath the white sheet.

She started the wondrous multi-year job of installing the AGAP/GAMSEIS array of seismographs in the eastern part of the frozen continent, providing researchers an exceptional view of the seismic activity of the region.

As per the data demonstration of 2009, the frozen continent has its own share of seismic movement and earthquake-like all other continents of our planet; it is just that now we have data to prove their existence.

Laugh said, “However, Antarctica is a continent with least number of instruments to record the seismic activities, there are other regions in the planet which as well has less instrumentation for sufficient analysis.”

“71% of our planet is covered by ocean, but it is practically very expensive to place the instruments in there. We require thinking of enhancing the coverage and gradually increasing the density of it.”

“The planet is not calmer as we were considering.”

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