Apple To Use Tools To Prevent FB From Web Tracking

Apple shall usher in a revolution in browser technology to enhance the privacy aspect of its users in the coming adaptations of its Mac operating and iOS systems. This is a milestone-marking effort on Apple’s part to keep a check on Facebook attempts of tracking web users.

Such a major action taken by the tech giant towards curbing the privacy invasion is going to bring it at loggerheads with Marc Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Most often, unknowing to the user, web users are spied upon by the social network through the share buttons, like buttons or comment fields. This activity will be stopped henceforth unless and until permitted by the user to do so. This fact was revealed by Apple’s Software Chief, Craig Federighi at the WWDC conference.

He further stated that Apple’s MacOS Mojave would restrict tracking attempts made by advertisers of web users deleting their cookies. The detail of the technique for doing this was also revealed during the conference.

The move will block the tracking efforts undertaken by various organizations that rely on web users’ personal information for their business. Apple’s efforts are likely to be emulated by others and if this happens then Facebook will have to re-think on its practices which Apple has termed as ‘invasion of privacy’.

It remains to be seen whether Facebook and the media-tech companies devise new techniques to continue their tracking of web users’ activity in a bid to outfox Apple.

Several other announcements relating to functional enhancement of Apple’s voice assistant, Siri were unveiled at the conference. The functionality enhancement in this regard will include several important actions; one being setting time limits to the usage of varied apps. All, thanks to an automation tool, Workflow that was taken over by Apple in the previous year.

So, in addition to breakthrough innovations that would be launched on Apple’s iOS 12, we shall also see the subsequent adaptations of WatchOS, Apple TV and Mac operating system coming out with new features.

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