A Press Conference By NASA On Thursday To Reveal More About Mars

It’s been a long time to the rover named “Curiosity” of NASA is on the Red Planet. Earlier in March, it completed its 2000 days on Martian Surface, which is actually 2.054 days of Earth, and even though there are some issues it faced with the drilling, which has recently solved, the little rove is roaming along and doing experiments on the Martian land.

Recently, just after the declaration made by NASA that the new drilling technique is working as per plan, the space agency has something important to share for which they are organizing a press conference. As usual, every member who is aware of the next new thing has lips on their mouth and not ready to share what’s in the box, but the event is scheduled for June 7, 2018.

NASA said in their statement at the time of making the announcement public about the press conference, “The public and media people are invited to put forward their queries at the live discussion session at 2 pm EDT on June 7. The finding will be kept secret by Science, a journal. People can see the live streaming of the event on the official YouTube Page of NASA.

So, for now, we can just say that we know the same as much the article has, but it is clear that the press conference definitely has something to reveal about Mars in which the rover “Curiosity” has a part directly or indirectly. Paul Mahaffy, Ashwin Vasavada, Chris Webster and Jen Eigenbrode are the scientists who are responsible for answering every query raised during the press conference.

Earlier press conferences which are organized by NASA have revealed the news about the evidence of the existence of water bodies on the Martian land and the discovery of new exoplanet with the potential of supporting the habitat. We definitely get to have our hands on information worth waiting for.

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