There Is An Enormous Car Vending Machine Recently Opened In Gaithersburg

The online car store Carvana opened a vending machine for cars in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Eight floored glass tower has the capacity of holding 30 cars and is fully automatic.

This is the tenth machine that is set up for vending cars by Carvana. Other machines are opened in Austin, Texas; Houston; Dallas; San Antonio; Raleigh, North Carolina; Tampa, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Jacksonville, Florida; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Carvana, an online platform that allows buyers to bypass the dealer and offer free car shipment the next day to customers’ homes or offices, entered the D.C. market for the first time in 2016. Finance option is also provided by Carvana.

To get the car out of the machine, customers receive a large commemorative coin from Carvana, which activates the sales process and transports the car to the delivery bay.

“It’s fully automated; it stands up and lifts the car, and stores the data into the system, and halts it in one of our parking bay. Further, the front doors open, and you can see your vehicle park inside through the glass,” said Ryan Keeton, founder of Carvana.

This may seem like a novelty, and Carvana says that part of the idea is actually a unique customer experience, but it can even improve efficiency for both buyers and Carvana.

“As we have four kiosks and it takes about 20 minutes to vend the car, we offer many more cars for this, which indirectly means that in some cases, you can get this vehicle earlier by picking up instead of delivery,” Keeton said.

And a large glass box in a place with high visibility is also a good style of advertisement.

Earlier, automobile auction company, Manheim partnered with Carvana, which enabled the e-commerce company to perform sales as well as purchasing of inventory through an online marketplace of Manheim.

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