Ryan Rolison Deletes His Tweet Back From 2012 Election Night Post Rockies Drafting Him

Ryan Rolison, Ole Miss Sophomore left-handed pitcher, was selected by the Colorado Rockies with the 22nd overall pick in the MLB Draft on Monday night. As with any recently casted certified athlete, admirers began to go back through the social media accounts of Rolison and discovered a tweet that was insensible toward previous President Barack Obama on 2012 election night.

The tweet said, “Well we have one hope left … if someone shoots him during his speech.”

The tweet was immediately deleted by Rolison after it began getting discussed on the social media. Rolison, at the instance of the tweet, would have been aged 15. On a conference call, Rolison said to the reporters, “It was a dim tweet and childish of me. I had no thought what I was chatting about, and it was childish of me to post something like that. People recognize that is not who I’m, and I believe the Colorado Rockies acknowledge that is not who I’m.”

This is just the most recent occurrence wherein the past posts of an athlete on social media platforms have been brought to spotlight in the course of them turning up as professionals. Before this, Josh Allen of the new Buffalo Bills QB, the previous Wyoming Cowboys star, was discovered to have numerous tweets entailing offensive language and racial slurs from 2013 and 2012. Allen expressed regret for the material of the tweets numerous days before the draft, prior to being chosen by the Bills with the overall pick No. 7.

Rolison was in the middle of elimination game of Ole Miss in the NCAA Regionals opposite to the Tennessee Tech when it was declared that he had been drafted. The game was lost by the Rebels with 15-5 and they were purged from postseason play. Rolison, in 2 Years with the Ole Miss, posted a 16-7 record in 159 innings pitched with a 3.47 ERA.

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