Bug Alert: Google Search Query “” Displays Text Messages

The Android OS is among the most accepted and appreciated ecosystem designed by Google. However, the open-source characteristic of Android has made it easy to allocate on various devices, it is been more vulnerable to a lot of bugs as well because of the same characteristic.

As per a recent report, a lot of devices with Android OS have a pre-installed malware and recently because of a weird glitch, the Google app is displaying the text message rather than the search results.

A Reddit user bumped into the glitch while searching for a web’s source via the search bar on it Pixel. The glitch was found when the user accidentally ended up typing, instead of This extra period in the search query ended up displaying the text message of the user, instead of showing the search results.

However, the glitch found to be related to only the search query and no other query in the same format. Many people have tried various variants with the same formatting, but there is nothing like any text message came up.

However, Google is designed to function in a way that when someone inputs a wrong search query, it returns with a search suggestion and shows the closely related and relevant search results. But, the event signifies that this functionality is not applicable to the search query which shows the users’ text messages.

The result displayed by the Google search is similar to the text messages that it returns while making the request of showing the text message over a Google voice search. Though, this kind of query needs the access to your messages in order to give you the right response. However, users can easily disable this feature, as per their choice.

The issue is a glitch or a bug is yet to confirm, but for now, we know that this error is extracting the text messages via Google search app. There is a way that the search giant should restrict this specific query from accessing the text messages to avoid displaying text messages.

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