Google Maps New Feature Offer User Reviews On Android And iOS Devices

In the recently organized event of Google I/O 2018, the search giant has made a lot of promises about updating their existing services which includes Google News, Google Maps and so on.

In recent times, we have experienced a lot of changes in the above-mentioned Google services. There is a launch of “YouTube Music Streaming” service as well. And there are many more other things we are going to experience in the near future.

For now, we are here to discuss some great features which Google has added to its Google Maps services. This service fundamentally helps the users to find out if the other customers find the appetizers a great companion for a great outing.

The feature added to the app is designed to answer a lot of queries. Some of which helps you to find the answers if you hate boisterous restaurants? If in case you want to know that the place offers assistance with a wheelchair or has a great Caesar salad? And some more like this.

In case, if Google has the customer review about the same place, Google Maps will extract that information for you and make it easy for you to find the ideal restaurant for your choice quick and easy.

Google Maps has an added search bar on the Review page which returns all the reviews according to the words present in your search query. If users want to search for any review, they can open the page and click on the review page.

The search bar is accessible at the top of the page. In any case, if it is not there then upgrade the app to the current version which has the added feature.

This feature is still inaccessible on Google Maps desktop app, but users can access it on their Android and iOS devices.

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