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Transport Ministry of Australia Announces Autonomous Vehicle Driving Laws

The transport ministry of Australia has announced new legislation regarding the automated vehicles. It will allow the automated vehicles to drive on the public roads.

Currently, countries such as the U.S. and China are using this latest technology successfully. Australian driving laws were lacking behind to provide adequate terminology for using autonomous cars. The introduction of new laws will allow automotive companies to introduce self-driving technologies in Australia.

Paul Retter, National Transport Commission (NTC) Chief Executive, proclaimed the potential possibility when an automated driving system will be under control of the vehicle.

Australian transport ministers agreed upon the need of a uniform approach across all states and territories. This will offer a legal authority responsible for driving while using an automated driving system.

The NTC has proposed the introduction of a uniform law. The latest law will allow the use of an automated driving system instead of humans. This system will be able to perform the dynamic driving task once it is engaged. It will also set out compulsions on related individuals and consumers of automated vehicles. These laws will open doors for flexible conformity and enforcement options.

The detailed proposal can be accessed at an NTC policy paper titled as Changing Driving Laws To Support Automated Vehicles.

The new national law will be implemented by 2020. The NTC, transport departments, and road agencies will be working together to develop robust policy. It will be also responsible for developing legislative recommendations.

On a related note, recently, a startup company named proclaimed an autonomous shuttle service. The company has asserted the launch of this latest service in July 2018 in Dallas metropolitan area. As per the company, the new vehicle offers facilities of the bus, offering service in a fixed area, and a taxi, with no fixed route or schedule.

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