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Celebrating Thirtieth Anniversary In Style With A World Record

A pair of Yubari Melons went on auction for a whopping $29,000, which is 3.2 million yen.

Two Yubari melons were sold for a record-high rate of 3.2 million yen in Hokkaido, Japan. Previously, the highest rate was 3 million yen, just two years back in the year 2016.

The bidder was Shinya Noda of Hokuyu Pack, the president of a vegetable packing company in Japan. Just guess the reason for his super bid?

It was the 30th anniversary of his company and he wanted to set a record on this day. This purchase of melons was a fruit-gift for his customers to celebrate 30 years of business that has been possible only with customer support.

The company claims that the melons will be kept on display for the entire month and then cut and distributed for free to all his customers.

Yubari melons are a status symbol in Japan. Only the best quality melons are placed for auction. Best quality is when the Yubari melons are smooth with an even pattern. The city of Yubari is well-known for its melons as they are grown in abundance here. About 507 melons were on for auction, from the city’s agricultural market.

This is the season, in Hokkaido, when customers and users are given presents and gifts. Even ordinary fruits are very expensive. It is the season of fruits, and all fruits are charged high. People, however, buy the fruits at a high price during this festive season. They are usually bought as presents and gifts for customers, friends, and well-wishers as a custom in the city.

But $29,000 is enough to purchase a new car!!!

Hokuyu Pack has celebrated his 30th anniversary in style by creating a world record for the melons. The amount will help in rebuilding this city in Hokkaido, Japan.

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