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US Sanctions On Venezuela To Continue Despite Prisoner Release

Joshua Holt from the US and his wife Thamy Candelo from Venezuela were imprisoned 2 years back due to concealing weapons illegally. However, Bob Corker, the Senator, had negotiated with the country for their release. The Vice President of the US, Mr. Pence, expressed his happiness by revealing the fact that the people of the country have returned to their home, which is a victory for the country.

On the contrary, Pence also tweeted that the sanction will continue to exist till democracy is reinstated in Venezuela. Holt met with President Trump later that day at White House to express his gratitude.

Mr. & Mrs. Holt were confined in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, against the charge of keeping an illegal weapon with them, while Joshua flew to marry his girlfriend Thamy. They were jailed for 2 years while waiting for the U.S visas.

In the endeavor to release the couple, Corker also had a word with the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro. The release was announced by the former on his Tweeter handle with a picture illustrating the three of them returning to the country.

Holt couldn’t hold back his happiness due to the release as he feels that being a normal person the country cared about his release, which overwhelmed him and his family. On the other hand, Trump also praised him for being brave against the adverse scenarios he faced in the country.

However, Venezuela has released a statement regarding the release of Joshua and named it as a courtesy the country bestowed upon the US to enhance the relationship between both the countries. Though Maduro was elected for 6 years in his chair, the US denied accepting the result due to the vote-rigging and boycott from the opposition.

Venezuela is going through an economic crisis that involves hyperinflation and scarcity of medicines and foods. However, Maduro won the election by 68% votes.

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