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Facebook Marketplace, Now Accessible With Added Home Service Feature

The Facebook marketplace has some new features added for the user. By using this new feature, users now can get in touch with home-improvement workers from their Facebook account.

Facebook is releasing a new home-improvement service feature for its Marketplace. It is appears similar to other services which provide authorized professionals for hire, like Amazon Home Services and Angie’s List.

Users, by using this new feature can contract experts to do various jobs such as home renovations, cleaning, or plumbing. To incorporate this new feature and provide service to the users, Facebook shook its hands with HomeAdvisor, Porch or Handy. With this feature, Facebook is hoping to be an imperative part of your home.

The Facebook Marketplace is moving ahead in the business section by adding home service as a feature. Users can hire the professionals starting Wednesday for jobs like home renovations, cleaning or plumbing. Users can communicate with the professionals directly on the Messenger app.

Facebook said that the idea is sourced from the users of Facebook, and it is working with the service partners like Porch, HomeAdvisor, and Handy to verify the professionals in the marketplace.

Head of Facebook Marketplace, Deb Liu, in the post declaring the new service said, “Many individuals ask for the recommendation for home service professionals to their friends and companions on Facebook.” It happens more in the US than any other country.

The service feature is similar to many other web-based websites which allow users to hire the home-improvement professionals, similar to Amazon Home Services or Angie’s list. It helps to connect users to local service providers for the various jobs such as electronic installation and cleaning.

In addition to Facebook, many retailers are making efforts to bring home-improvement experts in contact with the users. The competition is in between Ikea, Wal-Mart, and Amazon, and Facebook is the new challenger.

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