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Zuckerberg Criticized Over Questioning In European Parliament

Mark Zuckerberg has been making headlines ever since the scandal of Cambridge Analytica surfaced. However, the CEO of the social media giant has already apologized for allowing the fake news to dwell on a platform owned by him. He was also aggrieved due to the posts from Facebook being used as a tool to cause harmful activities.

On the contrary, a few of the MEPs who attended the meeting were not convinced with the statements given by Zuckerberg and concluded that he apologized to bypass more important questions. Damian Collins, head of the Digital Culture Media and Sports Committee even said that the questionnaire had allowed Mark to strategically escape the graver questions and honey coat the answers delivered. He concluded this point as the questionnaire was highly different from the testimony given by Zuckerberg to the lawmakers of the U.S. in April.

During the testimony in April, the U.S. lawmakers didn’t leave a single stone unturned to cross-examine the CEO of the platform to get to the core of the problem while in the European parliament the scenario was not alike. The political groups interrogated him in conjugation. This compelled the chief to wait before delivering his point of view.

To be precise, he was bombarded with numerous questions through 22 minutes, before getting a scope to answer any one of these. As a result, he only answered a few of the questions and escaped the confrontation with clean hands. As a result of this incident, the tech chief is being criticized as he had asked for this format of the questionnaire.

Some of the points which were important but remained unanswered are the future plans of the platform with WhatsApp, the decision regarding the shadow profiles, the reaction of the posts that were politically oriented, and other.

On the contrary, he gave a general reply to all the questions by saying that the platform will abide by all the laws set by the government.

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