Microsoft May Add New “Departments” Menu In The Microsoft Store

Microsoft seems to launch a new drop-down menu called “Departments” in the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10. It is expected that the new addition will help the users to find out different types of content in the store itself.

The Microsoft Store on Windows 10 acts not only as a home for apps and games but also includes TV shows, movies, extensions, hardware, and much more.

Presently, the user is not able to find out all the types of content on the Microsoft Store that easily in the navigation system. It is expected that the all-new “Departments” menu will work as a platform for the users to find out different content on the store. This menu is divided into four main areas namely, Software & apps, Devices, Entertainment, and Deals.

Further, each of the four categories is listing five different areas. These areas can assist the users to find the required content in the Microsoft Store.

The category “Entertainment” supports PC gaming, Mixed reality, Books, Movies & TV, and Xbox. Software & apps promote Office, Windows 10, a “Customize Windows” area, Edge extensions, and “Software support” area.

Although it is not a ground-breaking new change, it will help the user to find out the intended information more conveniently. Also, it can let the user know about the content available in the store to which the users are unaware. Right now, it appears that the drop-down menu is in A/B testing and may not be available for all customers to use.

Recently, Microsoft proclaimed the introduction of a set of feature updates to Office 365 also. These updates include ink analysis and ink gesture features on MS Word and PowerPoint. Also, the updates include advancements in the MS Word on Mac, which is based on artificial intelligence.

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