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Study: Regular Exercise Can Reverse The Aging Of Heart And Arteries

“Arteries have the major part in transporting blood in and out of the heart and to all over the body.”

Research suggests working out 4 to 5 times a week is very much needed to make your arteries stay healthy and efficiently functioning. A study on 100 participants of 60 years of age group shows the working out for 2–3 times a week can maintain the health of few arteries.

Investigators said any type of exercise can help in reducing the risk of heart-related disorders. But the ideal amount of workout, at the right time, helps in reversing the aging of blood vessels and heart.

The study published in “Journal of Physiology” analyzed the exercise data of the participant’s life and evaluated the stiffness in their arteries. Further, the study has revealed that exercising for 2–3 times a day can help maintain the health of middle size arteries, which is responsible for supplying blood to the head and neck regions.

However, people who practice the physical activity for 4–5 every week, the amount of workout recommended by NHS, made the large arteries healthy, which are responsible for transporting blood to the regions of chest and abdomen.

The study is completely focused on the exercise pattern and exercise history. It does not include any data or analysis of other factors like social background, eating regime and education in the research which possibly can have their share in the individual’s health.

Lead author, Dr. Benjamin Levine, Institute of Exercise and Environmental Medicine, Dallas, said, “Earlier study had shown that waiting till the age of 70 was too late to reverse the aging effect because it is near to impossible to change the formation of arteries and heart at that stage.”

He further added, “The work is very exciting because it pushes us to create exercise customized programs to make health healthier and even reverse the aging of blood vessel and heart.”

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