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Mars, A Study That The “Red Planet” May Have Hosted The Life In Past

Researchers have found hints of fatty acids, which are the primary component for developing biological cells, which they feel are the traces of the existence of life on Mars.

Imperial College London, a team of researchers reported that there is a possibility of approximately 12,000 pools of the size of Olympic, occupied with organic matter that could signify the existence of life on Mars.

Head of Dept., Mark Sephton, Earth Science & Engg., said, “The existence of water body (lake) billions of years ago on Mars hints some life form might possibly be flourished on the planet.” Sephton further added, “If there is an existence of life prior to the water dried up, there is a possibility of remaining which could have conserved in Martian rock.”

Dorset in the United Kingdom is a shelter to heavily acidic sulfur streams, which is the land of bacteria that are capable of surviving in extreme atmospheric conditions. As per the researchers, The Bay of St. Oswald is a region with the same atmospheric condition as that of the condition of Mars (Billions of years ago).

The area is utilized as a template for Mars and analyzed the persevered organic matter present in the deposits of nearby rocks. Goethite, a material rich in iron, transforms to hematite because of the atmospheric condition which is very often happening on Mars and provides the planets its red color.

In any case, if any hint of lift harbor on these minerals rich in iron is received, then it would have hold traces of the past life on Mars (The Red Planet). As per a report published in “Scientific Reports,” the goethite in Bay of St. Oswald can help in thriving many microbes and hold the traces of the remaining of organic matter.

Researchers suspect the exposure of the organic material to the heat causes the reaction, suggesting why there is no verdict about the found traces of the existence of life on Mars.

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