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George Will’s Column On Pence Was “Beneath Him”: Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham the commentator of Fox News stated that the critical column by George Will the conservative columnist about Mike Pence the Vice President was not inappropriate standards. Laura further stated in a news show that there are lots of people who don’t like George Will because of his show but he likes him and has known George for a very long time.

Laura further mentioned in her statement that this time it’s disappointing that his column was inappropriate and did not meet the standards of the man who Vice President Pence is. As per Laura, he is an effective VP and the most wonderful person by heart.

According to Gorger Will’s column in Washington Post, in order to agree with Trump and to praise him, Pence will not whatever it takes which is why he is now considered to be the worst person in government. George wrote that Pence might consider himself to be humble due to his humanity which is doubtful as his sincerity is obvious and that pride is a sin.

He wrote this on the bases of judging Mike by the number of times he called himself humble. Laura stated that the column of George was disappointing and disrespectful on the faith of Vice President Pence.

Laura further stated that she found the column by George Will in context to Vice President Pence very sad and that Will has had an amazing career as one of the prime writers and columnist in the US.

Laura further added that Will doesn’t like Donald Trump which is understood and fine but the column didn’t meet its standards in terms of language and Laura was really sad about it rather being angry.

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