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Study: North Dakota And Minnesota Ranks Top In Depression Cases

As per the new report, Minnesota and North Dakota states of the US are ranking on top as major depression states experiencing the affliction. The rate of depression in Maine, Minnesota, and Utah Rhode Island are at 6% which is highest in the country.

Whereas, North Dakota has the depression rate of 5%, which is similar to 20 other states of United States. Hawaii is recorded at lowest with 2%. Other than Hawaii, every other state is facing the growing rate of diagnosis of depression during the study.

The data from Blue Cross Blue Shield members for medical claims that during 2013 to 2016, they found there is a jump of 33% in major depression during the study. The report estimates, on the whole, 9 million commercially protected individuals in the US experiencing major depression issues.

Teenagers and millennial have the fastest growth in the diagnosis rates of up 47% and 63%, respectively. Sr. Vice President, Trent Haywood, Chief Medical Officer, said, “The rate for millennial and teenagers have a huge impact on the health for decades.”

Psychologist, Lisa Damour, CBS News contributor, said, “We have experienced in co-relation studies, and it demonstrated that a teen using the phone late in their night leads to disrupted sleep which causes the rise in depression and emotional stress.”

Psychiatrist, Dr. Karyn Horowitz, said, “Increase in use of electronic gadgets like video games in case of boys and texting/social media in case of girls, can cause the increased dispute within both peers and the home.”

The report from Blue Cross Blue Shield also shows a link between other health conditions and major depression. Among the 9 million US individuals in 2016 detected with major depression, only 15% were detected with the condition of depression alone.

Though the author said, the claims-based information is not enough to find out which leads to which condition. Is it the major depression which leads to other health conditions or vice versa?

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