Healthcare for Veteran Women to be Stepped up Immediately

Women’s healthcare is a long-neglected field that requires more recognition. Change is required in women health care says Laurie Zephyrin, from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Reproductive health is not properly available for the veterans. With a growing women veteran population, more provisions for veterans’ healthcare along with adequate care should be provided. Apart from reproductive health, mental health is also a source of concern. Many women depend on this healthcare entirely and do not have any other healthcare provider.

Data shows that 25% of military veterans have undergone sexual trauma, while another large sector has endured post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. A service-connected disability is another health issue that women veterans face.

Heath issues that have to be addressed are screening services for tobacco, hypertension, and screening for behavioral health. Importance has to be given to tackling maternity mortality rate, chronic conditions of women, obesity, overweight, disparity on black women, etc., and these issues have to be addressed.

Apart from healthcare, education, housing, and fellowship are required, especially during the pregnancy period. When women with same health problems get together and discuss the issues that each face, they will be able to support one another. Issues like loneliness will be addressed, preterm birth rates will reduce and social care along with peer support will definitely be the best solution.

Each woman has her own unique need and private insurers will have to understand such conditions. Planned Parenthood is an organization from the private sector that is taking good care of women’s health. Planned Parenthood has revolutionized the way treatment is made for women. Medicaid recipients provide help for the women who come for ob-gyn treatment, to manage hypertension, behavioral health, as well as depression and anxiety.

Providing reproductive health is the primary issue to be addressed along with providing general health care for women.

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