Severe Eczema Symptoms Safely Alleviated By Spraying Probiotic Bacteria

Though escalating study into our gut microbiome is transforming medical science, this is not the sole body part that is house to symbiotic bacteria’s huge populace. Our skin too embraces a complex range of micro-organisms, several of which we’re only just establishing to provide beneficial effects. A recent study has disclosed treating the skin with a particular beneficial bacteria can assist in alleviating symptoms of eczema (atopic dermatitis), decreasing the requirement for traditional topical steroids.

Previous examinations from researchers at the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) divulged that a bacterium named Roseomonas mucosa enhanced signs of atopic dermatitis in cell culture and animal models. The researchers then sought to scrutinize if these outcomes were same in human and recently issued the fruitful outcomes from a Phase I human clinical study.

Ten adult volunteers with atopic dermatitis were applied with a spray solution holding alive Roseomonas mucosa bacteria two times a week for 6 Weeks. No adverse effects were observed from the therapy and a majority of volunteers reported enhancements in their signs. A later group of younger volunteers aged between 9 and 14 were enrolled and showed identical positive outcomes.

This Phase I trial is only planned to primarily show approach’s safety; however, the research team is now shifting onto a Phase II trial that will take account of larger numbers of volunteers and an essential placebo group to better express efficacy.

The team believes if the upcoming clinical studies show that this approach is effectual, we anticipate our effort will result in the development of novel, low-priced atopic dermatitis treatments that do not need daily application.

In another study, issued in BMJ journal, established “no proof of clinical benefit” for the bath oils used to assist in treating eczema in children in addition to standard eczema care.

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