Young FB Users Turning To Snapchat—eMarketer Says

Young FB Users Turning To Snapchat—eMarketer Says

Facebook is enjoying an enhanced number of users who belong to the older age group. However, in the United States, Facebook is losing numerous young users at a pace that is far more than expected.

According to the eMarketer, Snapchat is more capable of alluring youngsters from Facebook than Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook.

The market of Facebook is getting enhanced in the U.S. due to the elder group of people.

Since Facebook was the only social media network to have a huge base of youth, the depleting number of the young aged people is a reason for concern.

As per the research firm, this year, the decline of 5.8% was expected among a group of youth aged between 18 and 24.

It further added that this is the first instance when less than 50% of the 12-17 aged people, residing in the United States will be enrolling themselves on Facebook. This number has drastically dropped by 5.6%. However, eMarketer also confirmed that Facebook will witness a drop of 9.3% this year in the group of people who are below the age of 12 years.

It is anticipated that Facebook will see a similar trend in 2019 as well as 2020. The decline will be primarily from the youth who are under 25 years.

It is projected that Facebook will lose around 2 million users who are less than 25 years, while Snapchat and Instagram will be the prime beneficiaries.

As per a report, Snapchat will be adding about 1.9 million users from the group of people who are less than 25 years whereas Instagram will be adding 1.6 million users.

Snapchat, famous for the disappearing messages will continue the trend of adding more people from the age group between 12 and 24 than Instagram. However, Snapchat might face similar issues as it is motivated towards gaining more users from the age group 12 to 24.

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