Pak To Pay Says Sitharaman On Army Camp Attack In Jammu

Pak To Pay Says Sitharaman On Army Camp Attack In Jammu

Nirmala Sitharaman, Defense Minister said that Pak has to pay for the terror attack that occurred on Jammu’s army camp. The terrorist attack killed 5 soldiers, 1 civilian and left 10 civilians including children and women severely injured.

The Defense minister said in a press conference that she is not saying any timeline for the revenge against Pak, but said that Pakistan has to pay for this misfortune.

Reporters asked her what sort of action the government is planning to take after repeated terror attacks by Pakis in spite of the surgical strike that took place in 2016.

To this, the minister said that the Jaish-e-Mohammad terror group attacked the camp, and is originally controlled from Pakistan. The NIA is examining the evidences.

Mehbooba Mufti, J&K Chief Minister said that like every time, this time also the evidence will be provided to Pakistan. Certainly, Pakistan won’t take any action against those terrorist as usual. Both the CM and the Defense Minister met each other after the incident. Mufti visited the hospital where the injured people are getting treatment.

On the other hand, Pakistan put the blame on India for judging without a complete enquiry. The foreign ministry of Pakistan uttered in a statement that it wishes the international bodies will recommend India to desist from any misfortune across the LoC.

On Saturday, early morning, the terror group attacked the Jammu’s Sunjuwan camp and 150 military quarters where soldiers lived with families, 5 army men, and 1 civilian got killed. Among 10 injured people, there are children and women.

All the terrorists who entered the camp were killed by Sunday evening.

Ms Sitharaman commented that Pak-sponsored terrorists always choose soft targets.  She also included that without local support they couldn’t have infiltrated. As per the reports the fourth terrorist might have acted as the guide.

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