This Might Be Next Big Bet Of Google In The Hardware Industry

This Might Be Next Big Bet Of Google In The Hardware Industry

Google might be aiming to give a chance to its luck in the console industry with subscription-supported gaming. The search behemoth, which is not quite victorious in the tablet, handset, or speaker market for now, might shortly be making a pact with Sony and Microsoft as the duo are chief majors in the specific field. By extension it might also be going in opposition to Nintendo, Apple, and Amazon.

The company is attempting to make this occur by making the subscription-supported gaming offerings obtainable through its Chromecast supporting gadgets, claims The Information. The company might also be operating on a hardware element as well. Rumors specify that the gadget might be an Android TV-similar hardware, which will show games from the Play Store in place of making consumers install them.

To take some waves in the industry, Google might be operating on striking elite offers with developers of the game for the subscription offerings, which is internally dubbed as “Yeti.” The report claims that Google was prepared to make “Yeti” live late in 2017 but then made a decision to holdup the project.

For now, it is already achievable for consumers to stream games of Android from the handsets to TVs employing a Chromecast. Handful of reports assumes the section is being led by Phil Harrison, who was earlier with Sony, Microsoft Xbox team, and Atari.

For the time being, dominating the game streaming industry is PS Now or PlayStation Now of Sony. The gaming company of Japan provides various game titles of PlayStation 3 in addition to some present gen so that PS4 console users can use it anytime. Microsoft’s Xbox Live is also present vying with PS Now. The facility is fundamentally the same but operates in a somewhat different method. Consumers can have an account free of cost to experience HD Movies, TV shows, and more on your Xbox One.

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