Ford: Detroit Will Soon Experience A Historic Comeback From Setback

In case you have got a chance to ever be in Detroit, you have most probably visited Michigan Central Station. And you must have the thought like others—why is it still there?

Anyone can have the visual from miles of this 18-story building, which has been left alone for decades now, and its nothing but a literal shell of its old existence.

Now, the building was purchased by Ford and on Tuesday, the company is going to declare plans to build it into a major technology center.

Bill Ford, Chairman, Ford, during an interview with Poppy Harlow, CNN, said, “I have a memory of the train station as a vibrant and awesome place.”

The Michigan Central Station, built in 1913, was among the significant buildings of Detroit. The station was designed by the same expert who designed the Grand Central Station of New York City. The Detroit building has both a rectangular office tower and a train terminal. At the time of its opening, the station was the tallest station in the world.

He added, “Even now when the building is decayed, one can experience the grandeur of it.” And we are determined to restore all of that, and it will open to the public.

We are going to re-open the office tower too and make it available for the companies to lease the space which will again blow a life into the neighborhood of the city which was making all the possible efforts to recover from the phase of municipal bankruptcy.

“I feel a special connection with this locality”, said Bill Ford. And I will try to re-enliven the neighborhood of Corktown to bringing shops and customers back to our old station.

This is not the first event that Ford Motor is investing wholeheartedly in Detroit. They have done it earlier with the construction of the Renaissance Center, and now they are planning to do it again with the Michigan Central Station.

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