BJP’s Biggest Support In South “Extremely Upset” With 2018 Budget

BJP’s Biggest Support In South “Extremely Upset” With 2018 Budget

TDP, the biggest ally of BJP in the south is not happy with the budget as expressed by Chandrababu Naidu. In this regard, a party meeting has been called on “emergency” basis

TG Venkatesh, the Telugu Desam Party parliamentarian in Delhi said that they will go for a war. They have 3 choices—the first one is to give a try and carry on, the second option is the resignation of their MP and the last one is to conclude the alliance. The decisions will be made in the meeting with CM. A drastic declaration is awaited post meeting.

This is the 2nd key alliance of BJP following Shiv Sena who gave threats of breaking up before national and several state elections.

Andhra Pradesh’s CM, Mr. Naidu was very disappointed because state’s needs were not addressed in the budget. As soon as the speech ended, Mr. C. Naidu called his ministers, lawmakers and leaders to schedule a meeting for quick and necessary actions.

The main reason for this disappointment is due to certain state issues such as funding for Amaravati and Polavaram not being addressed.

He made clear last week that if BJP wants discontinuation with the alliance, his party will sketch its own route.

BJP’s state unit showed signs of tension with Naidu government for the past couple of months. It has hinted at connecting with TDP’s opposition, YSR Congress. Jagan M Reddy, YSR Congress leader expressed of late the party’s interest of working with BJP if special status was given to Andhra Pradesh.

Ram Mohan Naidu, a Telugu Desam Party lawmaker, said the CM visited Delhi several times concerning the budget, but his name was never mentioned during Arun Jaitley’s speech for the budget.

TDP is seeking special status for the state since it was divided in the year 2014. The alley also supported the opposition party where BJP are not in the majority in the Council of States.

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