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American Influence In Asia Confronted By China

China becoming increasingly powerful is challenging American domination in Asia. Due to the growing influence and aggressive policies of China, with the global system, a new order is also seen in the Asia continent. Last week, a Trade Deal carried out by 11 countries without the inclusion of the US is pointing out that this continent has now moved forward from American dominance. This new trade deal was to be in the US leadership to counter China, but Trump got out of it. Despite this, the completion of the deal is also pointing to the new order other than American intervention in Asia order.

According to report, these two strengths of the world are trying to redefine Asia’s economy and political system. In terms of military capabilities, the US is still heavily in Asia compared to China, but the picture is changing. China has made its presence effective in Asia by increasing its military and economic capacity. It has traditionally been able to pull the United States closer to the Philippines and Indonesia.

According to the report, the aggressive foreign policy of Trump is believed to be the reason behind this change. After the Trade Agreements were not called on behalf of the Trump Administration, the countries of Asia have now been forced to reconsider their strategy. A trade deal concluded between the 11 countries last week is directing out how countries such as Australia and Japan are stepping forward without American leadership. This deal has replaced the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which had ended the trump influence.

The report also states that the trade of all Asian countries with China is on the rise. However, in the case of arms sales, the US is still keeping an edge on China, which is considered to be the second indicator to tell the effect of any global power. The countries that buy arms from the United States seem to be bound to keep their military and foreign policy together with this country. Its effect is seen in US military relations in Asia since World War II.

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