Police Visits Kejriwal For Assault Case, Blames It On Amit Shah

Police Visits Kejriwal For Assault Case, Blames It On Amit Shah

A large group of police force visited the residence of Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi to interrogate the staff and search the house for 2 hours. They took boxes that were full of hardware of the CCTV cameras to investigate the case where a top bureaucrat was assaulted at his home.

However, the people from Aam Admi Party declared that the police came to the house of the CM to insult and humiliate him for no reason.

Mr. Ashutosh, from AAP, stated that the policemen were interested to know when the house was painted and also went to the roof as well as searched the lawn.

The policemen said in defense that they had to visit the house after being denied having an access to the CCTV footage. They will be investigating the footage of that particular night to understand the seriousness of the scenario where Anshu Prakash, the Chief Secretary was attacked by two of the lawmakers from the Aam Admi Party.

A police officer who had visited the residence of the CM said that they have seized the hard disk of 21 cameras among which only 14 are in working condition are running late by 40–42 minutes. The department of police will be further investigating whether the information has tampered or not. However, the room where the incident took place was not having any camera.

Kejriwal also pointed that the murder case of Judge Loya needs an interrogation even if Amit Shah was involved in the case.

As per the statement given by Anshu Prakash, he was first slapped then beaten by the lawmakers of AAP in presence of the CM Kejriwal. The Chief Secretary further stated that the attack took place after he demanded to know about the non-release of the three-year anniversary campaign of AAP.

After Prakash reported the incident, the MLAs Amantullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal have been arrested.

Prakash didn’t clear whether the Deputy CM and CM were involved in the assault or not but specified the names of the two MLAs.

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